Introducing TVQ: Physical CD

Introducing TVQ: Physical CD

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TVQ’s (Tim Voutas Quartet) sound is energetic and new, with intricate melodies and rhythms that keep you guessing. The compositions can be fun and cheeky while at the same time take you on a journey through a wave of emotions. This project started in 2016 as an outlet for creativity and since then has grown to create its first album “Introducing TVQ.” TVQ draws upon influences spanning Bill Evan’s harmonic lushness, Art Blakey’s fire, Hiromi Uehara’s flare and Keith Jarrett’s emotion.

Ricki Malet: Trumpet
Tim Voutas: Piano
Alistair Peel: Double Bass
Ryan Daunt: Drums

Track Listing

  1. Honeycake

  2. May The Second

  3. Mirth

  4. This Piano Is Too Small For Me

  5. Reflection

  6. Eye for and Eye

  7. Song for Lily

  8. Lobster Theory